As a photographer, I love capturing candid smiles and intimate moments, whether it be your child’s milestones, a new baby, or a special occasion. It is hard to break down what sessions are my favorite because hands down they all are, however, there is something about watching that one-year-old decide how to tackle their first birthday smash cake.

I truly enjoy meeting families and spending time with their children when I do newborn sessions or their child’s milestone sessions. Children have always been a passion of mine ever since I started my career in education. I truly love children and being around them that is why I specialize in photographing young children.

owner of Lakeside Photography
located in fowlerville michigan

Hey There, I'm Megan! 

My family is my whole world, and my kids keep me on my toes constantly, in all the good ways. I have two daughters and a son, Lyndsey, Hudson, and Morgan. They are truly the ones that push me to be the person and photographer I am today! I know how much being a mom means to me and love to document all the precious moments of my children growing up, so deeply that I want to be able to help document those precious memories for other families as well.

A mom just like you

After years of working as an Educator, and later becoming a stay-at-home mom, I decided to embrace connecting with children and families on a new level. I took the plunge and self-taught myself basic photography skills, but I haven’t stopped there. I love to learn, and I am still learning new skills to enhance my photos. 

As an educator, I always had to be ready for the unexpected and always had to be creative. I believe that I am equipped with skills that I can bring to our photography session to make you have that peace of mind for your session without the stress and overwhelm.

education background

We live out on our own private oasis here in Fowlerville, with 70 areas and a private lake to enjoy, we never fall short of having sometime fun to do around here. Making it for one of the best places to have amazing photography sessions with all the different scenery around.

Whether you're looking for studio, water, flowers, trees, fields, etc in your session, this is the perfect spot to document your memories at! 

Also available for photographers to rent! 

The studio & location 

During the summers you will usually find me camping and creating lasting memories with my family on vacation.  Friday night, it's tradition in our family to sit down and break out the board games like Yahtzee! Another thing about me is I wouldn't be upset if tacos were apart of my everyday life. I could literally live, breathe and sleep tacos if I had the choice of eating my all-time favorite food everyday.

OH, and Halloween has got to be my favorite Holiday my family celebrates! I love everything Halloween has to offer and all the creative, spooky, cute ideas that come from it! I wonder if tacos can be a Halloween dish?! Brb, Googling spooky taco treats for next Halloween! 

It all began with an afternoon of getting Fall family photos taken. My husband and I drove home pondering the idea of me starting my own photography business to reconnect with what I love the most, children & families. Just short of that conversation, I got started on photography classes while my husband started researching the best photography equipment. My husband has been there for me through the beginning with the at most willingness to help, whether it’s to set up for a session, build me a stand so I can do lemonade minis, or saying yes when I told him I needed an old rustic truck for photos, but it didn’t stop there. He’s moved my 1950s GMC Rustic Truck across our property more times than he’s wanted to.
One of the best things my husband has done for me is giving me the knowledge of starting up and running a small business. I’ve been so thankful to have him guide me, encourage me, motivate me and help me grow as a business owner. I wouldn’t be where I am today without him. He has made a new dream of mine come true and I absolutely love living this life with him & and my children.

A loving wife

Hey There, I'm Megan! 

Hey There, I'm Megan! 

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